Care Team

The emergency care team at El Camino Health is trained to provide patients of all ages — children through seniors — with expert emergency care.


We’re committed to providing you with prompt, efficient services. Our team consists of doctors and nurses with special emergency care training, including doctors from the California Emergency Physicians Medical Group — a group dedicated to delivering a seamless care experience for every patient.

Members of our team include:

  • Doctors – Licensed doctors of medicine or osteopathy.
  • Physician assistants – Medical professionals who operate under the supervision of a doctor.
  • Registered nurses – Nurses who are graduate-trained and who have been licensed by a state authority. 
  • Nurse practitioners – Nurses who can order diagnostic tests and interpret test results.
  • Triage nurses – Nurses who assess your condition when you first arrive in the emergency department.
  • Emergency department technicians – Medical professionals who assist doctors and nurses with transporting patients, taking blood samples, setting up IVs and patient-care services.