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About ER Wait Times

El Camino Health works to provide prompt, efficient emergency care. For your convenience, we post the current average wait times, updated every 10 minutes, on our website.

Our goal is to minimize your wait and keep you informed. Therefore, we measure and report the average wait time for our emergency departments at Mountain View Hospital and Los Gatos Hospital to give you an indication of how long you may wait to be seen. These wait times are approximate and don’t guarantee your wait time.

The posted times reflect the average wait times incurred by those who come the emergency department — except those who arrive by ambulance, who are typically seen immediately.

At Mountain View Hospital, between the hours of 11 a.m. and 1 a.m., you may be seen in the triage area by a provider who is a certified physician assistant (MD/PA-C); to help expedite your care, you may be given an initial medical screening and treatments while you wait to be placed in a room.

The Order Patients Are Seen

Everyone is prescreened to determine their need for immediate medical attention. People with life-threatening injuries or illnesses will receive medical treatment more quickly than those with less serious conditions. If your condition doesn’t require immediate care, you may have a longer wait time.

After assessing the severity of your condition, the nurse will either bring you to a treatment area — assuming an appropriate treatment room is available — or ask you to sit in the waiting room. If your condition changes while you’re waiting, please notify the triage nurse.

There are circumstances that can impact the time you spend in the emergency department, such as:

  • Some patients with minor illness or injury may be cared for in the fast-track areas and may be called for treatment before others.
  • Tests and procedures may add to the length of your wait or stay.
  • Although you may not see other patients waiting, the staff could be attending to seriously ill or injured patients who often arrive by ambulance through a different entrance.
  • We appreciate your patience as we work to provide the best care to all patients.

See our emergency care locations.

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