Specialty Programs

Our multidisciplinary care team expertly diagnoses, treats and manages disease so you can return to good health and well-being. 


Our multidisciplinary approach — which combines the expertise of specialists in different areas of medicine — allows us to provide exceptional care for people with critical illnesses such as poisoning, infections, allergic reactions, trauma and viral infections. The general medicine team also focuses on people who are admitted for a chronic disease, a long-term disorder that can affect physical, emotional, intellectual, vocational, social and even spiritual functioning.

If you’re hospitalized for an illness, your hospitalist quickly assembles a team of board-certified internal medicine doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners to begin treatment. The team creates a treatment plan that’s customized to your needs, can be maintained at home, and aims to keep you healthy and out of the hospital.

For those who need expert care that combines multiple services, we offer:

  • Personalized education for health management. Our diabetes education specialists offer one-on-one sessions to help diabetic patients prevent complications of the disease.
  • Exemplary service, sensitivity and compassion. Our nursing staff is trained under the NICHE Program, which assures elderly patients receive special understanding and consideration in the delivery of their care.
  • Innovative service models. Our Sepsis Program — a highly coordinated, aggressive response to the risk of sepsis — has led to notably successful outcomes.
  • Recognized outstanding care. The wound care team at El Camino Health is known for top-quality care and patient safety.