Wound Care

Our board-certified wound care nurses use the latest treatments and techniques to encourage and speed wound healing while protecting against re-injury and infection.

Wound healing is a complex, sometimes fragile, physical process. The board-certified wound care nurses at El Camino Health evaluate and manage patients with wounds caused by disease, accidents and surgical incisions. They work with hospitalists to plan the best treatment — such as antibiotics, medications or drains — and determine the level of care needed.

Wound care nurses also work with the general medicine team to assess a patient’s progress during the healing phase.

Our wound care team has the expertise to care for all types of wounds, including:

  • Complex wounds – Including infected and draining wounds, diabetic ulcers, chronic non-healing wounds and traumatic wounds (cuts, lacerations or punctures caused by force).
  • Surgical wounds – Including non-healing surgical wounds, amputations, skin grafts and ostomy (a surgically created opening in an organ, such as a colostomy).

Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Frail, elderly patients or patients who are bedridden for a long period of time are vulnerable to bed sores, called hospital-acquired pressure ulcers. These wounds can be prevented with careful oversight by a hospital care team that’s specially trained in pressure ulcer prevention techniques.

At El Camino Health, we’re dedicated to preventing pressure ulcers and our achievements reflect our commitment. The El Camino Health Board of Directors recognized El Camino Health for 12 consecutive months free of pressure ulcers — a remarkable achievement, made possible by our attentive nursing and advanced prevention and care techniques.

We use the latest innovations to prevent pressure ulcers:

  • Dolphin Fluid Immersion Simulation® bed surfaces make you feel like you’re floating. The technology adjusts the bed’s density to each person’s anatomy, which helps maintain good circulation and prevents pressure injuries — ultimately speeding healing.
  • Specialty WAFFLE® air-inflated seat cushions and specialty boots cradle your body parts, provide protection against pressure wounds, and help manage pain.
  • ROHO® specially designed air-filled seat cushions help prevent pressure sores.
  • High-quality skin management products protect and strengthen your skin’s healing ability.

Advanced Treatment Expertise

El Camino Health’s Wound Care Center offers the best new wound care therapies, including:

  • Negative pressure wound therapy – A technique for both acute and chronic wounds that applies a vacuum through a special sealed wound dressing. The vacuum draws out fluid from the wound, increases blood flow to the area, and enhances healing.
  • Enzymatic debridement – A technique that uses chemical enzymes to remove dead, damaged or infected tissue. The enzymes are fast-acting products that slough off the tissue to promote wound healing.
  • MIST therapy® – A gentle, saline ultrasound mist that penetrates into and below the wound bed. It removes swelling and bacteria while stimulating cells to encourage the healing process.