Care Team

When you come to us for heart care, your doctor will develop a customized treatment plan that draws from the expertise of a variety of heart and vascular health specialists.

At the Norma Melchor Heart & Vascular Institute at El Camino Health, our heart care team delivers all levels of care. Whether you're interested in preventing heart disease or you have an advanced heart condition and need immediate care — we can help.

A Team Approach to Care

Our heart care team includes experienced healthcare professionals who work together to deliver comprehensive care, from diagnosis through rehabilitation and recovery. Our heart care specialists work with your primary care doctor to provide a continuum of care.

El Camino Health’s heart care doctors include:

  • Cardiologists – Doctors who specialize in preventing, diagnosing and treating heart disease and other conditions that affect your heart and blood vessels.
  • Cardiothoracic surgeons – Surgeons who specialize in treating heart-related conditions, including valve repair and replacement, bypass surgery, and removal of blockages and aneurysms.
  • Cardiothoracic anesthesiologists – Board-certified anesthesiologists who undergo additional, fellowship training in administering anesthesia during heart and lung surgery. They are interventional anesthesiologists who utilize invasive heart and lung catheters and ultrasound probes for monitoring the patient’s heart and lungs during and immediately after heart and/or lung procedures.
  • Electrophysiologists – Cardiologists who specialize in treating arrhythmias, such as atrial fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia.
  • Interventional cardiologists – Cardiologists who specialize in using minimally invasive, catheter-based procedures, such as angioplasty and stent placement, to diagnose and treat heart and vascular conditions.
  • Interventional radiologists – Doctors who specialize in using X-rays, MRI and other imaging technologies to guide catheter-based procedures in all areas of the body, for both diagnostic or treatment purposes. 
  • Vascular surgeons – Surgeons who specialize in treating circulatory conditions in veins and arteries outside the heart, including atherosclerosis, carotid disease and peripheral vascular disease.

Our heart care doctors work closely with a variety of clinicians to provide the full spectrum of care, including:

  • Nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, who specialize in cardiac, medical-surgical and radiology medicine.
  • Imaging specialists, including sonographers, and MRI, CT and nuclear medicine technologists.
  • Dietitians, social workers, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation specialists, exercise physiologists and other healthcare professionals who assist you in various stages of your care.

Your Opinion Matters

Because your comfort and well-being are important to us, we encourage you to take an active part in your care and welcome your feedback. Nurse managers are available to speak with you, and you may also call or write the patient experience team at 650-962-5836 or