About Stroke & Urgent Care

Learn about treatment for stroke and other brain illness at El Camino Health.

It's important to understand the symptoms, risk factors and treatments for stroke. If you survive a stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA) — also called a mini-stroke — you face a higher risk of another stroke. 

Fortunately, strokes — including repeat strokes — are preventable if you manage risk factors, know the warning signs, and seek immediate, expert care.

Studies show that people cared for in acute-care units (short-term intensive care), such as those at El Camino Health, have improved outcomes. Our Mountain View hospital is designated as Thrombectomy-Capable and our Los Gatos hospital is a Primary Stroke Center - certifications recognize high-quality stroke care — with telemetry beds for advanced monitoring. Our care is based on the latest guidelines from the American Stroke Association.

Fast, Expert Care When Minutes Matter

When strokes occur, "time lost is brain lost" and every minute counts. After a stroke, your brain is deprived of blood and oxygen, which causes damage to the brain. Getting immediate care can help minimize damage, but medication and treatment must be delivered within the first few hours. That’s why it’s vital to call 911 to be transported to the hospital immediately.

Your care team will guide you through procedures and treatment, from emergency and in-hospital treatment through recovery. You'll receive specific details about your care, plus information about resources and services available at El Camino Health for you and your family.