Bedside Prescription Delivery

Get everything you need before you leave the hospital — no additional stop necessary.

You can get all your discharge medications, as well as any other prescriptions, filled and delivered to your bedside before you leave the hospital through our bedside prescription delivery program — at no additional cost. Our pharmacy team works closely with your doctors and nurses to coordinate all your discharge needs, so your health and safety are assured.

We Bring the Pharmacy to You

Leave all the details to us. Your care team will:

  • Gather prior authorizations.
  • Confirm doses and get instructions on how to take medications.
  • Review your current medications and discharge prescriptions to prevent errors, duplications or drug interactions (medication reconciliation).

We make sure you have all the information you need to manage your health and take your medicines properly.

How to Get Bedside Prescription Delivery

  1. Let your nurse or a member of your care team know you are interested, and they’ll contact the pharmacy.
  2. Your prescription will be delivered to your bedside before you leave the hospital. We’ll explain how and when to take your medicine and answer any questions.
  3. We’ll collect the co-payment for your prescription (prescription costs can’t be added to your hospital bill). For your convenience, we accept cash, credit or debit cards.

There’s no additional charge to have your prescriptions delivered. And, we offer the same competitive pricing on prescriptions that you’ll find at other retail pharmacies.