Care Team

When you come to us for surgical care, your doctor will develop a customized treatment plan that draws from the expertise of a variety of surgical specialists.

Let the expertise of doctors and surgical care teams at El Camino Health put your mind at ease — whether you’re here for an outpatient procedure or surgery that requires a hospital stay. Our doctors, nurses and other members of the care team focus on your comfort and recovery, helping you get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Dedicated Surgery Expertise

Our surgical care team includes experienced professionals who work together to deliver the best care and results possible. Our surgeons work closely with your primary care doctor to make sure everyone on your team is informed about your care. 

El Camino Health's surgical team includes:

  • Anesthesiologists – Doctors who specialize in providing anesthesia for surgical procedures or for pain or anxiety. Board-certified anesthesiologists who undergo additional, fellowship training in administering anesthesia during heart and lung surgery also part of the team. Cardiothoracic anesthesiologists are interventional anesthesiologists who utilize invasive heart and lung catheters and ultrasound probes for monitoring the patient’s heart and lungs during and immediately after heart and/or lung procedures.
  • Bariatric surgeons – Surgeons who specialize in weight-loss surgical procedures, including minimally invasive and robotic-assisted techniques.
  • General surgeons – Surgeons who provide treatment for disorders and trauma in the abdominal region, endocrine system, breasts, soft tissue and skin. 
  • Interventional specialists – Doctors with expertise in interventional services including cardiology, neurology, electrophysiology and radiology.
  • Ophthalmologists – Doctors who diagnose and treat all eye and vision problems — from providing preventive eye care and vision services, such as glasses and contacts, to performing eye surgery. 
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgeons – Surgeons who specialize in restoring the body’s form and function, including breast reconstruction, hand surgery and facial reconstruction. Our surgeons provide cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.
  • Urologic surgeons – Surgeons who specialize in treating diseases of the urinary organs in women and the urinary tract and sex organs in men.
  • Other specialized surgeons – Our surgical expertise spans numerous medical specialties, including cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery, oncology, orthopedics, gynecology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, neurology neurosurgery, vascular surgery and more.

Other clinicians who assist with surgery and provide care may include:

  • Certified surgical technologists – Also called operating room technicians, these clinicians assist in surgical operations. They prepare operating rooms, arrange equipment and help doctors during surgeries. Many technologists have achieved additional certifications. 
  • Electrophysiology technologists – Clinicians with specialized training to assist electrophysiologists perform procedures to diagnose and treat heart rhythm disorders.
  • Interventional radiology technologists – Medical professionals who are specially trained to assist interventional radiologists in using imaging technology — such as X-rays, CT and MRI — to guide catheter-based procedures.
  • Perioperative registered nurses – Nurses who work closely with surgical patients, family members and other healthcare professionals to help plan, implement and evaluate surgical treatment. El Camino Health's perioperative nurses have CNOR certification, which signifies nurses have specialized knowledge and skills.

Specialized Robotic-Assisted Surgery Clinical Team

Surgeons who perform robotic-assisted surgery are specially trained to use this advanced technology and follow clinical quality criteria set by their peers. At El Camino Health, surgeons specialize in treating diseases of the prostate, colon, gallbladder, pancreas, kidney and female gynecologic and urologic systems.

As a patient at El Camino Health, you benefit from the experience of our highly trained clinical team. Led by our robotics program director, a dedicated robotics-trained surgical team supports each case.

Dedicated Bariatric Staff

As part of our Weight Loss Surgery Program, our surgeons work closely with other clinicians who specialize in weight-loss surgery care, including:
  • Psychologists who assess bariatric patients to make sure they’re emotionally prepared for the lifestyle changes involved in weight-loss surgery.
  • Specialty-trained bariatric nurses and bariatric nurse coordinators who understand the care and needs of weight-loss surgery patients.
  • Dietitians who educate those who’ve had bariatric surgery about how to eat in ways that support recovery and a healthier lifestyle.
  • Exercise physiologists who specialize in developing customized exercise programs and helping people lead a more active lifestyle.