Specialty Programs

Highly skilled in the latest technology, our urologists treat you with sensitivity and compassion. They are fellowship-trained and board-certified.


Our specialists at El Camino Health are experts in using the least invasive methods for treating urologic diseases, including cancer.

We use the exceptionally precise imagery of Artemis™ 3D Imaging and Navigation for accurate diagnoses and biopsies. Our minimally invasive treatments include the da Vinci® Surgical System, highly precise laser technology and lithotripters for sophisticated therapy to treat kidney stones.

Using these minimally invasive tools, we care for men and women of all ages who suffer from incontinence and other conditions of the urinary tract. We also care for men with reproductive and prostate problems. Our experts provide all personal consultations, tests and procedures in comfort and privacy.

To treat your specific condition, we offer specialty programs. These include:

  • Highly customized stone treatments. Advanced treatments for the removal of bladder, kidney and ureteral stones allow us to customize therapy to the nature of the stone, its location and the patient’s anatomy.
  • Innovative pelvic healthcare with compassion. For men and for women, pelvic health can be a complex combination of problems. We’re known for being sensitive to our patients’ needs, as well as our comprehensive, collaborative medical approach.
  • Minimally invasive options for prostate problems. Since the majority of older patients suffer discomfort caused by enlargement of the prostate, our surgeons specialize in the use of microtechnology advances to relieve its symptoms. We also offer surgical and nonsurgical treatment options for prostate cancer, including HIFU (ultrasound) therapy.
  • Surgical and nonsurgical therapy for incontinence. Our urology team applies extensive expertise and draws on a wide range of options to solve the problems of male and female urinary difficulties including physical therapy.