Overview of Services

Learn what the men’s health experts can do for you at El Camino Health.

The Men’s Health Program at El Camino Health is designed to provide comprehensive care for men. While a man may seek help for an issue such as erectile dysfunction, the problem can be a symptom of a more serious condition, such as heart disease. That’s why our Men’s Health Program is a collaboration among specialists in all areas of men’s health — it allows us to offer comprehensive care.

In addition to urology specialists, we include cardiovascular, ENT (ear, nose and throat), gastroenterology, internal medicine, orthopedics and sleep disorder specialists on our team. Since men’s health issues are personal, we’ve created a private environment where men can feel comfortable while they receive discreet and compassionate care.

Comprehensive Health and Expertise

Our men’s health experts connect the dots on health issues that could be related by working with a full range of specialists. This close collaboration is what allows us to offer comprehensive care for all areas of men’s health.

Men, especially as they age, develop issues of incontinence, sexual health and prostate concerns. Our board-certified, fellowship-trained urologists are leading experts in diagnosing and treating problems of the male urinary tract and reproductive organs: