Prescription Management

With our medication synchronization program, we make it easier to keep your prescriptions organized and refilled on time.

If you have several medications that need refilling at different times, you don’t have to make multiple trips to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions. Our medication synchronization program can manage all your prescriptions conveniently and cost-effectively.

Streamline Your Prescription Refills

Our medication synchronization program makes refills easy:

  • You don’t need to call in prescription refills — it happens automatically.
  • Receive notification by phone, text or email that your prescriptions are ready.
  • Pick up all your prescriptions at the same time or have them delivered directly to your home.
  • Pay for everything with a single payment.

Enrolling is easy, and it’s free. Call us at 650-988-8240, or stop by the pharmacy.

Personalized Attention

As part of the medication synchronization program, we offer personalized one-on-one consultations with a pharmacist to make sure you know how and when to take your medications. Our pharmacist will explain:

  • What each medicine does and why it’s important to take it.
  • What to do if you miss a dose.
  • Whether there are any side effects.
  • If there are any activities, foods, beverages or other medicines you need to avoid while taking a medicine.

Our on-site pharmacy also offers a complete inventory of over-the-counter items and health aids for your convenience. You can pick up everything you need at a single location from a pharmacy team that knows you.