Spinal Deformities

The spine care team at El Camino Health treats a wide array of spinal deformities, offering traditional and less invasive surgery options for children and adults.

Spinal deformities can range from mild curvatures to disabling disorders that push the spine out of normal alignment or cause it to collapse. Deformities can develop for many reasons, including defects, disease or injuries, such as hairline fractures or a broken bone. Some back conditions can lead to an abnormally curved spine (kyphosis or lordosis) or other changes in your spine.

Most spine deformities don’t cause pain unless they reduce the space in your spinal canal (spinal stenosis), press on nerves or affect your ability to move freely. Deformities can occur at any stage of life, whether it’s a birth defect, a developmental disorder in childhood or a condition that develops in old age, such as abnormally stooped posture.

Whatever the cause, the spine care team at El Camino Health can help. From preventive screening and education to advanced spinal fusion, we combine personalized care and teamwork with advanced expertise and technology.

Expertise in Spinal Deformities

Our spine care specialists treat everything from congenital disorders to deformities that stem from other conditions, such as spinal infections, spine tumors or genetic disorders, such as Marfan syndrome.

We treat these and other conditions that can lead to deformities:

  • Scoliosis – Abnormal side-to-side curve that can affect people at any age.
  • Kyphosis – Irregular forward curve which usually affects the upper back.
  • Spondylolisthesis – Occurs when a bone in the spine slips out of alignment.
  • Vertebral compression fractures – Tiny cracks in spinal vertebrae that can lead to spinal deformity, including compressed bones, loss of height or collapse of the spine.
  • Degenerative spine conditions – Some types of arthritis, such as ankylosing spondylitis (arthritis of the spine) and disc conditions can lead to spinal deformities.

In addition, spinal deformities can be related to traumatic injuries — such as broken bones — as well as instability or weakness due to other conditions such as infection or tumors.

A Team of Highly Skilled Spine Specialists

Treatment options for spinal deformities can range from spine braces, physical therapy and pain management to surgery. At El Camino Health, our spine care team includes specialists with advanced skills in diagnosing and treating all types of deformities, including rare and complex conditions. Our nurses have specialty training in orthopedic care and spine conditions, and our program managers are here to answer your questions and guide you throughout your care.

The spine surgeons at El Camino Health have advanced expertise in all areas of spine care, including less invasive techniques and nonsurgical treatments. Whenever you or your family needs expert diagnosis, treatment or rehabilitative care, our team is here to help.