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Hypertension can be caused by what you eat everyday.


Lowering Blood Pressure with a Delicious Low Sodium Diet (in Mandarin) | El Camino Health

Lowering Blood Pressure with a Delicious Low Sodium Diet


El Camino Hospital’s Chinese Health Initiative physicians point out that a high sodium diet could be one of the negative factors contributing to hypertension. They suggest that people change their dietary habits to prevent and control high blood pressure.

The American Heart Association shows that the sodium in salt can affect your health and appearance. Excess levels of sodium can disrupt the balance between sodium and water within your body; this may increase water retention, leading to puffiness and bloating. Excess levels of sodium may also make your heart and blood vessels work harder, which then increases your risk of diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke and heart failure.

Food is an integral aspect of Chinese culture.  Creating meals that are both nutritious and tasty is of genuine concern. Barbara Chang, nutritionist and manager of the Nutrition Department at El Camino Hospital provides tips about  how to reduce sodium without sacrificing taste when you make Chinese dishes at home.

  • Low Sodium Diet. Americans are consuming more sodium than ever before. Learn how to reduce your intake, without reducing flavor.
  • Chinese Sauces. Learn more about the amount of sodium in the sauces that you cook with every day.
  • Watch Out! The (Salty) Suspects are in Your Kitchen! Your kitchen is filled with high-sodium sauces and seasonings. This chart will help you to determine which suspects to stay away from.
  • 10 Easy Steps for Cutting Sodium. Learn 10 easy ways you can cut the sodium in your diet.
  • Dining Out. Dining Out? Get quick tips to reduce the amount of sodium in your food when dining out.
  • Read the Label! Learn how to check food labels for high levels of hidden sodium in the foods you consume.

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