Carotid Artery Stenting

Carotid artery stenting, also called carotid endarterectomy, is used to prevent strokes in people who have carotid artery disease.


Carotid arteries, located on both sides of your neck, are the main arteries that supply blood to your brain. When the arteries are narrowed by plaque — known as carotid artery disease — it can increase your risk of forming a blockage there or in a vessel in your brain, causing a stroke.

To perform the procedure, your doctor makes a small incision in your upper thigh or arm and threads a catheter fitted with a deflated balloon at its tip. Once the catheter is in the blocked or narrowed area, the balloon is inflated to compress the plaque and create a larger opening. Your doctor places a stent — a wire mesh tube — in the area to hold the artery open, removing a potential source of clots that can cause a stroke.

Vascular specialists at El Camino Health are able to offer a minimally invasive solution for even the most advanced carotid artery disease. In many instances, we're able to help people who've been turned away from other facilities.