Staying Independent

As you age, you can stay independent for as long as possible —with a little help. El Camino Health offers a variety of services to help you stay healthy and maintain your independence.

Getting where you want to go and feeling safe in your own home — things you may have taken for granted in years past — can become bigger challenges as you grow older. You may find yourself fearful for your safety and of losing your independence. We can help you stay independent and active for as long as possible.

El Camino Health offers a wide range of services and resources that can assist older adults and their caregivers, including:

  • Assistance through our Health Library & Resource Center. The center offers a wide array of unique resources and support services for older adults, their family members and caregivers — everything from healthcare insurance counseling to special lectures and other events.
  • Wellness services. Get blood pressure screenings and individual consultations with a pharmacist or a dietitian, and more.
  • In-home emergency system. Lifeline can take the worry out of living alone by giving you immediate access to medical support. By wearing a special pendant with an alert button, medical care is just a click away in an emergency.
  • Daily phone calls. If you’re living alone and need personal contact and support, we’ll call you each day through our Tele-Care service. Schedule a call each day at a certain time, and one of our auxiliary volunteers will call to check on your welfare and listen to your concerns.
  • Information about elder abuse. Every older adult deserves a safe, healthy environment and protection from abuse, theft and fraud. Our Eldercare counselors are available to advise and educate older adults who may be at risk.

Serve a Cause and Stay Active

Each year, millions of older Americans contribute billions of hours of service to their communities. According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, these older adults report lower mortality rates, lower rates of depression, fewer physical limitations and higher levels of well-being.

Having a place to go and a purpose to serve can help you stay connected to the world, preventing feelings of isolation or simple boredom. The El Camino Hospital Auxiliary welcomes older adults to ensure a warm, inviting atmosphere across our campuses and clinics, and to serve our patients and the community. Watch this video to learn more about volunteering and hear from some of our volunteers.

The Mountain View and Los Gatos areas also offer diverse volunteer opportunities to put your knowledge, experience and time to good use.