Paying for Care

Paying for healthcare, whether you have Medicare or other coverage, can be complicated. We can help you understand the details so you can focus on your health and healing.

Keeping healthcare costs down without sacrificing quality of care or patient convenience is one of our top priorities. Many people aren’t aware of all the expenses that can mount as we grow older and may not be prepared to consider which options are most suitable and affordable.

Our eldercare counselors can help you find affordable options for care at El Camino Health, as well within the community, such as assisted living, skilled nursing or home care. Our Health Library & Resource Center offers a wealth of information — and personalized assistance — to help you make more informed decisions. We offer free insurance counseling to answer your questions about Medicare and other types of insurance and help you select what’s right for you.

Making Sense of Healthcare Costs

There’s no denying that paying for healthcare can be confusing, especially when you have multiple health plans, such as Medicare and gap coverage. And, costs can take you by surprise, especially as Americans are paying a larger share of their own healthcare costs. Our billing information and services can help make it easier.

You can: